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Planning & Strategy

How to Write a Marketing Plan

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How To Write a Marketing Plan and What to Include Marketing plans are an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. This article discusses the importance of a marketing plan, what needs to be included in a marketing plan and how to create a successful marketing plan. What is [...]

Marketing Planning Framework

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A MARKETING PLAN AS AN OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK A marketing plan provides a framework for the organization's activities. In addition to the mission and the statement of strategic intent, the marketing plan sets out plans for every aspect of the strategies to be pursued towards the organization's goals. At various [...]

The Customer

Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Integrated Marketing Campaign All Integrated campaigns need to focus on the Customer. Let's have a look at some key aspects of this. Focus on Customer Loyalty Customer loyalty is a deeply-held commitment that causes a customer to purchase a preferred product or service repeatedly, despite other influences [...]

The Marketing Mix

What is Marketing Communications?

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Marketing Communications For Marketers, you must understand the importance of effective internal and external communications in building sustainable relationships and delivering customer value. Recognise the importance of communications planning in delivering marketing solutions, and of how product and brand management can enable organisations to deliver customer value. There [...]


Other Topics

Marketing Planning Process

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The Marketing Planning Process: How to plan your marketing strategyThe marketing planning process is a systematic and methodological approach for planning, forecasting and coordinating all marketing needs and objectives. It is a structured and systematic approach for developing, implementing, executing and evaluating marketing strategies.The marketing planning processThe marketing planning process [...]

What is a Marketing Plan?

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What Is A Marketing Plan? A marketing plan is a detailed set of strategies for communicating, promoting, and delivering a product or service to a defined audience. A marketing plan may cover media advertising, social media, public relations, sponsorship, direct mail, and more. There is a lot of jargon [...]