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You can choose from the mens watches and use the voucher code on the payment page.

It's as simple as that.

If you have any questions, just email or call us, our details are on the website.

So click the link below for mens watches and we'll see you there in a secHello Xchannel's audiences! I'm wondering that you who are fan of Casio can know about 5 famous models of Casio which everyone should know Let's find out with Xchannel in this blog 1.

Casio Edifice with bracelet Fist of all, I want to present Edifce because this is the recently top choice of men with elegant design replika watches and strong style watch source guide This can be suitable to businessmen, or men above 24 years old Wearing an Edifice, you can have an elegant style and an image of a gentleman And the affordable price is another plus point of this model With just more than 2 million VND so you can buy an Edifice with the water resistance of 100 M and having many functions such as stopwatch with high accuracy And this model also has the luxury products 2.

Casio G-Shock This was born because Casio want to make an unbreakable timepiece G-Shock is a breakthrough product of Casio and it has fake a lot of fans all over the world G-Shock has a strong personality, rugged design which can match perfectly many youngsters Thanks to a hard plastic case and can resist high pressure not to mention an amazing water resistance of 20 bar so users can feel more secure when they're using this watch The signigicant features of G-Shock are altimeter, atmospheric pressure or temperature measurement countdown clock or measuring distances Some can have a tide graph and moon chart the function of measuring water depth for pro-divers On the other hand, this watch can receives time calibration signals and corrects the time automatically which can help users always know the exact time In the recent market, you have just to spend from 2 million VND to buy a G-Shock 3.

Casio Databank This is a special model of Casio because it

has the ability of store whatever data you want into its memory a brand new function of Casio watches Databank can help you to save names, phone numbers, and email adress and it always comes with a calculator in its memory This watch has a battery life of about 10 years It also has a TV/VCR Remote Control So this digital watch is very suitable for students and others who loves Casio digital watches And you can feel very secure when using this watch with a high water resistance And the price is very affordable You can own one Casio Databank with just more than 1 million VND 4.

Casio Outgear If you're passionate about fishing this model can surprise you a lotAlright, so today I wanna go over the top 3 watches that I regret ever buying.

Stella! And if this is something you have never done yet, then you will eventually notice that you did, because it's something that can't be avoided.

When you start collecting watches, one starts with a certain opinion about a watch, and then your test and views ends up changing.

So it's a normal thing, but I wanna share with you my three top regrets in purchasing watches.

Alright, so the first one is actually probably one of my favorite ones to say just because, I swear to God, I would have never thought that I would have fallen victim to an impulse buy of this nature because I'm not really much of an impulse buyer.

I usually know what I want, but.

look, it's very complicated to say.

I was in Vegas.

We were partying at the Wynn.

Things were getting out of control like it should be in Vegas.

And I know that there's a Chopard boutique and I'm not much of a Chopard fan, but the crazy part is that, when I woke up in the morning,

I had at some point, bought a Copard Superfast Chron.

Now, don't get me wrong.

It's not a bad looking watch.

I just don't understand what on Earth possessed me to go and buy a Chopard stainless steel Superfast at full retail.

Jesus Christ! What a bad one! It was one of those situations.